When you’ve grown up-you can do the most incredible things!
MainTargetGroup has been allowing itself to do these things for more than 20 years.
20+ years of experience and achievements!
We conduct the project from the moment of your first «Yes!» until its Grand conclusion. Events, digital, strategies, media advertising, creativity-we cope with any task easily.
Especially with 360 advertising campaigns-effectively use the maximum number of communication tools to achieve high performance.

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I see the goal, I go to it!

We see the goal of being strong players in the market and go to it.
We have implemented more than 1000 projects since 2014, are members of ACAR (Association of communication agencies of Russia) since 2018 and work with three large groups of clients: Commercial Russian, state, international.

Gosting*? Not about us.

We are in touch 24/7, always ready to answer all questions, talk about our creative plans and the stages of the workflow. Responsibility and attention to the client is our motto!

* Gosting – a sudden disappearance, ignoring calls and messages (from the eng. English ghost-Ghost)

What a brief, such a creative

The miracle of reincarnation-from the black and white word document with a brief turns creative. Clear, ringing, intriguing and always – solving business problems of the client.

There is no time to explain, we go on a creative assault!

Creativity can be fast, boilerplate and boring,  but can be with MainTargetGroup – driving and high-quality. We use a variety of creative techniques, improving our imagination and give the result that you like

Series F R I E N D S-almost about us.

Though there were six of them, and us 30. But we’re all different-clean like Monica, calm office workers like Chandler, active and with a cool sense of humor like Joey, creative like Phoebe and wise philosophers like Ross. This helps us to look at things differently, to learn from each other, to work for the result, even when there is a creative debate. We are different, but still we are together!

They talk about us and will talk about us!

Here all who spoke about us, speaks and will speak!


The office is our home.

We are happy to spend a lot of time there, working on projects even late into the night. In such an office you feel comfortable at home, you want to bring customers «to visit», drink tea, discuss global plans and put photos in a frame.
See for yourself and waiting for a visit