Autentica Cuba

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    Ministry of Tourism of Cuba

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    TV, outdoor advertising, radio, press, digital, special projects

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    Based on the results of a long-term comprehensive campaign, for 2017 the number of tourists from Russia who visited Cuba amounted to 110,000 people. Growth compared to 2015 was more than 255%

    Every year Russia sets a new record for the growth in the influx of tourists to Cuba. In 2018, Cubans heard Russian speech 30% more often, in 2019 we again showed the highest growth in tourist flow among all countries in the world. Results for the full year have not yet been announced, but Cuba was expecting 5 MILLION tourists and absolutely beat those targets.
    Today, 51 airlines from 36 cities around the world fly here. New hotels are opening in tourist centers and on islands such as Cayo Cruz. Tourists are expected at festivals: the Hemingway Tournament, the diving festival at Cayo Largo, at numerous Carnivals.

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