• Client


    Heel company

  • Brands

    Traumeel C, Viburcol,

    Engystol, Euphorbium,

    Neurexan, Nervoheel,

    Lymphomyosot, Zeel T,

    Traumeel Cosmo, Viburgel,

    Valerianheel, Vertigoheel

  • 2018-2023 Projects

    Creative service of all brands:

    • creative concept
    • creative materials development
    • Video production
    • visual materials development and adaptation

    Digital promotion : online video, context advertising, banners, social media

  • Years


  • Agency Role

    Creative concept, adaptation, video production, comprehensive digital campaign, TV, radio, blogging.

  • Traumeel C. Multi-touch strategy

    The campaign was based on a multi-touch strategy. Potential buyers were divided into several clusters depending on their needs, life stage and consumption patterns. Each cluster has its own creative.

    The message and style of each subsequent banner depended on the user’s reaction to the previous banner shown, and how the user interacted with the brand’s banner and page.


Significant increase in brand awareness

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